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Sniffing the Air

Our world is filled with radio waves. They span the RF spectrum and come from sources as diverse as a garage door opener, microwave oven, wireless access point, mobile phone, and over-the-air radio and television signals. I’ll share a few methods that allow you to look at and analyze these RF signals using some simple hardware tools such Software Defined Radio or SDR (prices range from $20 to $400+) and software tools (mostly free.) We’ll also explore a pink toy called IM-ME and show how it can be hacked to be a spectrum analyzer and cheap low power receive/transmit unit. Live demos will (hopefully) occur and questions/comments/arguments are encouraged.

About the Speaker

Schuyler St. Leger (a.k.a. DocProfSky) is a perpetually inquisitive teengineer who enjoys technology. He interests include electronics (think Arduino), software programming (think Python), robotics (think FIRST Robotics), 3D printing (think MakerBot), and wireless explorations (think BladeRF.) He’s a regular speaker at Desert Code Camp and has spoken on the Ignite Phoenix stage, at Autodesk University, and at Charles Schwab’s IMPACT conference. Schuyler lives in Phoenix, Arizona and is currently in high school at Brightmont Academy. His motto is “Don’t be afraid to break something!”