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Neural Networks

In discussion of artificial intelligence, one hears the term Neural N “ etwork”, but what is it. One might be turned down for a credit card and are told that the neural network said not to grant credit. There are neural network models of the stock market and individual stock portfolios. They are often used for pattern and image recognition, on the internet and in the defense realm. This term is heard in many applications.

This lecture will start with what they are, their original biological context, and then carry the concept into the computer realm and discuss “artificial neural networks” a set of computer programs that emulate the biological neural network, to various extents, for specific purposes and applications.

The presentation will provide some of the mathematics involved in building one, as well as applications and other considerations. The perspective is on problem solving and goals, leaving actual programming to the attendees.

About the Speaker

Dr Morantz, a senior member of the IEEE and member of the Computer and the Computational Intelligence Societies, researches methods to improve our decision making. The goal is to understand how pattern recognition and cognitive function are accomplished in the biological world and then to be able to implement this in the machine environment in order to improve the quality of our decision making.

Dr Morantz has his BS in CIS/EE, his MS and PhD in Mathematical Decision Science with a minor in computer science and an emphasis in artificial intelligence. He has taken additional post-doctoral course-work in Computational BioScience, Statistical Design Methodology, Design Analysis of Simulation Experiments (DASE) and the sciences in general. He also has over 150 hours from Raytheon Learning Institute as well as numerous other continuing education courses.

Dr Morantz has given many presentations on advanced methodologies around the country and is currently on the editorial board of the International Journal of Data Mining, Modeling, and Management. He also has many publications in this area as well. He is currently employed by a defense contractor in the greater DC area.