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Bitcoin Q & A

What is Bitcoin and is it legal? Why would someone want to use Bitcoin and how is it obtained and stored? These are just some of the questions that will be answered regarding Bitcoin(Questions and Answers) and other electronic currencies on the Internet. This Bitcoin presentation will have the technical and scientific information as well as the Law Enforcement perspective of this electronic currency represented by FBI SA Paul M. Schaaf.

About the Speakers

Special Agent Paul M. Schaaf is a Cyber Agent assigned to the FBI Phoenix Division of the FBI. SA Schaaf has a Masters Degree in Computer Information Systems and Bachelors Degree in Finance. SA Schaaf worked in computer systems in the financial sector before joining the FBI in 2003. SA Schaaf has worked Cyber, Civil Rights, Fraud, Extortion, Intellectual Property and Innocent Images cases in his career. SA Schaaf has the unique distinction of having the first Spam Case go to trial which involved an international spam operation that operated out of 4 countries.

Shelley Dunlap is technology veteran performing as a professor, analyst, manager, and educatainer for over 23 years. Currently Ms Dunlap’s talents are at work as a cyber-Lieutenant Uhura bridging the gaps between the technical haves and the technical have-nots. Ms Dunlap holds a Master’s of Science in Information Technology, a Bachelor’s Science in Technology, and is a graduate of the FBI Citizens Academy. Ms Dunlap’s technical expertise and research have attracted the attention of various three letter agencies and law enforcement resulting in requests for industry input and cyber education. Ms Dunlap collects industry certifications and gives back to the cyber community by serving as an advisor and board member of industry organizations.