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Blockchain, A Primer

The blockchain concept is most well known for being the technology underpinning of Bitcoin. The term is being used to describe a process of adding blocks of cryptographically signed data to form perpetual and immutable records. Blockchain has generated a huge amount of interest within Financial and Retail markets as it offers a new approach to data management and sharing. This session will examine existing methods of data management that typically involve large legacy IT systems that are prone to attack due to the fact that they are located within a single institution, often are complex and costly to update and patch, in contrast to blockchains (or distributed ledgers) that are inherently harder to attack because of their distributed shared database architecture. We will also discuss practices for ensuring blockchains (or distributed ledgers) and the challenges of deploying security of this type of digital infrastructure that markets are now relying on.

About the Speakers

Ed Vasko is CEO of Terra Verde Services.

Edward Vasko is a cybersecurity professional with a focused 25-year career. Rather than writing books that sit on a shelf, he has dedicated his career to helping clients around the world achieve better security through a pragmatic approach to understanding risk and implementing business supporting cybersecurity solutions. As the CEO of Terra Verde, Edward and his team of high-caliber, innovative professionals work tirelessly to keep bad guys away from critical data.

Edward has built multiple businesses as a “successive entrepreneur”. The services and solutions Edward and his team at Terra Verde provide to companies throughout the country help achieve two important goals: first, reducing the likelihood that cyberattacks will be successful; second, reducing of the costs of cybersecurity and compliance.

Carlos Villalba is Vice President of Security Services and Solutions for Terra Verde Services.

Carlos has over 20 years of solid IT experience designing, developing, managing and implementing IT security solutions in compliance with IT security standards, and industry best practices. He has provided services to the US military, federal government, credit unions, universities, retailers, health care, manufacturing companies and small businesses. Further, he taught at Syracuse University for 12 years. Carlos has multiple contributions to trade publications, technical roundtables, presentations at professional seminars and creation of non-proprietary collateral and product support materials and has spoken at ISACA, ISSA, RSA, and many other conferences.