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Exciting Learning Gadgets: Arduino, Micro bit and Raspberry Pi

Clark will give us a presentation that he first put together for a retirement community in Connecticut in October 2018. The talk introduces three popular families of “gadgets” that, at least originally, were aimed at being affordable ways for youngsters to learn about programming computers.

The three families that Clark will address are the Arduino, the micro:bit, and the Raspberry Pi.

The original presentation was fairly non-technical, and although a few technical details have been added, it still remains relatively non-technical.

About the Speaker

Clark Jones has been involved in computers since high school – starting a few weeks after Neil Armstrong took his “one small step”. Clark has been known to say that his first programming experience was plugging wires into a wiring board, though he quickly corrects that to say that his very first experience was unplugging the wires from a wiring board so that he could re-use it. After finally earning a BS in Computing and Information Science, Clark worked for 23 years in the semiconductor industry, mostly writing highly specialized compilers for IC testers (which he refers to as “multi-million dollar voltmeters”).

Besides computers, Clark has been interested in electronics since the mid 1960s. During his college years he worked as an electronics technician in a factory, and did a stint as a broadcast engineer at a TV station.

In 1991, Clark earned an Amateur Radio license, and has been a “ham” ever since. He now holds the highest class license, an Amateur Extra Class, with call sign KI7TU. He recently became certified as a “Volunteer Examiner” to administer the Amateur Radio license exam.

Clark is an active Life Member of Mensa, joining in 1981. Amongst other things, he has served two 2-year terms as Regional Vice Chairman (meaning he was on what amounts to the National Board of Directors for American Mensa), as well as 10 years on the National Bylaws Committee.