2011 Meetings

February 24, 2011: "The Intelligence Under the Hood: Adaptive Control of IC Engines" by Dr. Yildiray Yildiz


What happens when you press the gas pedal in your car? How is the engine continue to run smoothly while you are waiting at the red light? How is the amount of air and fuel going into the engine calculated? Anyone who attempts to answer these questions has to mention the unseen intelligence orchestrating the operation of the internal combustion engine: Control theory. In this talk, I will focus on two basic control loops related with the IC engine: Idle Speed Control (red light, remember?) and Fuel-to-Air Ratio control. First, I will explain basic working principles of these control loops. Then, I will present the application of the recently developed Adaptive Posicast Controller (APC) to these problems. The APC is an adaptive controller with explicit delay compensation built upon the ideas of the classical Smith Predictor and finite spectrum assignment. I will show experimental results which were conducted using Ford Motor Company test vehicles at Dearborn, Michigan. These experimental results demonstrate improved performance compared to existing baseline controllers and effective handling of time delays and uncertainties. Aspects important to implementation and to reduction in calibration time and effort, including the selection of initial parameter values and their adaptation rates, preventing parameter drift and accounting for time-varying delay, are addressed.


Dr. Yildiray Yildiz
Yildiray Yildiz is an Associate Scientist at UCSC, NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, California. He received his Ph.D. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, in 2009, M.S. degree in Mechatronics from Sabanci University, Istanbul, in 2004, and B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Middle East Technical University, Ankara, in 2002. His research interests lie in the intersection of control theory and its applications to automotive and aerospace systems. Specifically, he is interested in adaptive control, time-delay systems, automotive power-train control, aircraft control, handling qualities, pilot induced oscillations and air-breathing hypersonic vehicles. His research on adaptive control of time-delay systems and applications to automotive control was recognized by ASME Dynamic Systems & Control Division with a student best paper award in 2008.

Dr. Yildiz has served as an Associate Editor of 2010 CDC. He is presently serving as an area Co-Chair of 2011 AIAA GNC Conference and as an Associate Member of AIAA GNC Technical Committee. Dr. Yildiz is a member of IEEE, ASME and AIAA.