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WHEN: 17 NOV 2010
06:30PM Free Pizza
07:00PM Presentation
WHAT: IEEE Education Society, Santa Clara Valley chapter
Technical Meeting and Presentation
WHERE: Silicon Valley Technical Institute
1762 Technology Drive, Suite 227
San Jose, CA 95110
TOPIC: Overview of Multimedia eLearning Theory with a View Towards Efficient Creation and Dissemination
SPEAKERS: Allen Partridge, Adobe


This talk reviews keys points in what is known about the principles of multimedia e-learning rooted in cognitive theory and some of the pitfalls of the classic "Information Delivery Theory". The discussion will include what current cognitive theory says regarding content creation and delivery, providing evidence-based guidelines for both self-study and virtual classroom forms of e-learning. Some descriptions will be included on Captivate by Adobe, one of the more popular programs for e-learning development and delivery. The presentation is aimed at an audience of designers, developers, or consumers of e-learning (as well as professionals curious about how the new educational tools can be used to further student success).

About Allen Partridge:

Dr. Allen Partridge is the eLearning Evangelist for Adobe. In addition to his work for Adobe Systems, he continues to serve on the doctoral faculty in the Communications Media and Instructional Technology program at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Allen has written several books and a host of articles on topics ranging from 3D game development to Instructional Design for new technologies. He is active in explorations of Immersive Learning as well as traditional multimedia enhanced eLearning and rapid eLearning. Allen works closely with the eLearning Suite and Captivate teams at Adobe, providing a channel to customer needs and concerns and helping facilitate communication among team members.

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