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WHEN: 19 NOV 2014
06:30PM Free Pizza
07:00PM Presentation
WHAT: IEEE Education Society, Santa Clara Valley chapter
Technical Meeting and Presentation
WHERE: Silicon Valley Technical Institute
1762 Technology Drive, Suite 227
San Jose, CA 95110
TOPIC: Education opportunities in Big Data
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Big data education deserves serious attention at national and international levels in both education strategy and big data implementation strategy There is a serious shortage of big data professionals, in USA and other fast growing economies. The acuity of talent shortage is even more pronounced compared to the Year 2K talent shortage. Companies implementing big data initiatives can't fill their big data jobs fast enough resulting lost business and revenue opportunities. Every vertical in industrial, consumer, government and also the aerospace / military space want to leverage big data for corporate decision making, needs not only big data specialists, but also those with the vertical domain experience. The speaker will specially address educational, employment and entrepreneurial opportunities. The speaker will also present US national strategy for big data education.

About KRS Murthy:

Dr.KRS Murthy, big data strategy advisor to companies has delivered over 40 talks and moderated 20 panels in various aspects of big data international conferences in the recent 5 years. A well known ,reputed serial entrepreneur and serial C-level executive, his achievements include leading the growth of a few American Companies to record revenues and corporate valuation. For more acomplishments, please see his profile on Google.

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