Engineers with common specialty every where tend to have affinity to communicate with peers who speak their language and understand the problems and nuances of the profession.

Through communication and association of any form, the engineers can expand their knowledge in the profession and can keep abreast of new developments in the evolving technologies and share with friends and colleague's common interests and common goals.

Such associations would enrich the knowledge and through the exchange between members, new ideas are generated to bring about advancements and additional challenge to the participant's.

The most remarkable advancements of technologies that has changed the way we live during the last century was introduced by Electrical and Electronic engineers whose contribution in research and engineering has brought about such remarkable products and facilities like the internet , the mobile phones and the personal computers.

The broad spectrum of the electrical engineering profession could not have succeeded to introduce such phenomenal leaps of technological advancements without frequent exchanges between engineers and without well coordinated interactions among them.

The IEEE as an international association of Electrical and Electronic Engineers has since its inception acted as a cohesive element to cement the relationship and interactions between members. And through well organized structure has managed to spread the interaction world wide. Through the specialized societies Engineers with various domains and specialties can reach out for colleagues of similar experience and share with them common interests.

Now in Lebanon we have a section of IEEE which is meant to bring Lebanese members closer together to share the benefits of the association and enjoy the interaction with local members in areas of common interest. This section we hope will bring a challenge and impetus to further the local advancement of the profession and at the same time bring a positive contribution in which ever way possible to the society in which we live.

To join IEEE Lebanon section you need to apply to the mother organization through the internet at Member services for assistance with new membership.

Then you need to apply to Lebanon section by contacting


Mr. : Dr. Hady Sawaya


Membership fee for mother organization is:

Membership fee for Lebanon sector is : 10,000 LL





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