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Officers (2015-2016 Executive Committee)


Dr. Mohamad Adnan Al-Alaoui (AUB)
Dr. Elias M. Nassar (NDU)
Mr. Ghassan Shaban (Dar Al-Handasah)


Dr. Imad H. Elhajj (AUB)


Dr. Aziz Barbar (AUST)

Treasurer (Accountant)

Dr. Hadi Kanaan (USJ)


Dr. Ghassan Kraidy (NDU)


Dr. Mohamad Khalil (LU)

Official Representative to the Government

Dr. Mohamad Awad (Lebanese National Council for Scientific Research)

Membership Development

Dr. Marwan Bou Sanayeh (NDU)

Industry Relations

Dr. Sara Abou Chakra (LU)

Student Activities Coordinator

Dr. Usamah Farrukh

Section Student Representative

Mr. Eddy Deeb (AUST)

Professional Activities Coordinator

Dr. Nazih Moubayed (LU)

Awards Coordinator

Dr. Hadi Sawaya (USJ)






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