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  • 09 OCT

    Distingush Lecturer of PELS - Dr Krishna Shenai at WUT

    Dr. Krishna Shenai, a Senior Fellow at the Computation Institute, University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois (USA) and an Adjunct Professor of electrical engineering and computer science at Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois (USA), Distingush Lecturer of PELS will give a lescure entitled "Reliability of a Semiconductor Power Switch in a Power Electronics Switching Converter"

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  • 29 May

    EMC Workshop at UZG

    The Würth Elektronik company and the University of Zielona Góra have the pleasure to invite you to the EMC Workshops in Zielona Góra, Poland. The subject is related to the wide area of electromagnetic compatibility. A detailed plan and informations can be found in Agenda.

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  • 23 NOV

    Distinguish Lecture by Prof. Quing-Chang Zhong

    Prof. Zhong, the Distinguish Lecturer from PELS, has presented: „Synchronized and Democratized Smart Grids: Next-Generation Smart Grids” . The event has placed at Warsaw University of Technology.

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  • 26 - 28 SEP

    The 2st IEEE Students & Young Professionals (SYP) Meeting

    The YP and IEEE Student Members have meet agian, this time at Opole University of Technology in Opole, Poland. There was oportunity to celebrate 10th aniversary of IEEE Opole Student Branch

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  • 19 SEP

    Scientific Seminar at WUT.

    Members of the Chapter participated in international seminar with two interesting topics: „Polygonal voltage space vectors for variable speed drive”, presented by Prof. Gopakumar from India, and „Opportunities, challenges and trends in photovoltaic energy conversion systems” by Prof. Kuoro from Chile.

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  • 15 SEP

    Scientific Seminar in Lublin

    Together with Polish Society of Theoretical and Applied Electrical Engineering the Chapter organized lecture presented by Prof. Gopakumar from India, in topic: „Multilevel inverters for drives with minimum DC-Link power supplies”


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  • 15 SEP

    Hands-on Training by Typhoon HIL Enginners at WUT.

    Enginners from Typhon HIL came at Warsaw University of Technology to conduct the training for our members and WUT employees: "Modeling and Simulation of power Systems with Virtual Hardware in the Loop"

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  • 12 SEP

    The 1st IEEE Students & Young Professionals (SYP) Meeting

    The members of YP and IEEE students have met at the first time, at Warsaw Univeristy of Technology, in Poland, during EPE'17 ECCE.

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  • 11 - 15 SEP

    EPE'17 ECCE Europe Conference in Warsaw, Poland

    In Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw, Poland, the biggest PELS's conference EPE'17 ECCE Europe took place.

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  • 10 SEP

    Power & Control Core Technologies Workshop

    In day before EPE'17 conference in Warsaw, the interesting workshop guided by prof. Ralph Kennel took place. The name of workshop: “Interlock times – necessary, useful or not needed at all?”

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  • 26 November 2018

    IEEE NTech 2018 is just started!!!

    Today, the IEEE NTech 2018 has started, at 3:30 AM in Opole. Follow participants of this event every day, at IEEE YP facebok page:


  • 18 September 2018

    Distingush Lecturer of PELS will present the lecture at Warsaw University of Technology

    Distingush Lecturer of PELS Dr. Krishna Shenai will give a lescure entitled "Synchronized and Democratized Smart Grids: Next-Generation Smart Grids" at Warsaw University of Technology in October 9, 11:00 AM.

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  • 05 June 2018

    IEEE IES Competition 2018 - Theme: “Advancing On Smart Cities”.

    The IEEE Industrial Electronics Society (IES) would call for participation into the IES Project Competition 2018 (IPC 2018). Submit papers on or before August 5, 23:59 USA eastern time.

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  • 20 Aprli 2018

    University of Zielona Góra and Würth Electronics invite to EMC Workshop in May. Register until 21 May!!!

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