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IEEE LEOS Scottish Chapter

LEOS Scottish Chapter Meetings in 2007/2008


3rd April 2008 Photonics - A Celebration! - University of St Andrews
  Professor Malcolm Dunn
Professor Ted Hänsch
Professor Eric Van Stryland
Professor Erich Ippen
Professor David Miller
Professor David Hanna
University of St Andrews
Max-Planck-Institut für Quantenoptik, Munich
CREOL - University of Central Florida
Stanford University
University of Southampton

The birthday celebrations for Professors Malcolm Dunn and Wilson Sibbett have provided a timely opportunity to mark the efforts underpinning the renaissance in optical sciences research that took place at St Andrews from 1975-2000. The School of Physics and Astronomy, University of St Andrews will be hosting a 1-day meeting on 3 April 2008 where key international leaders in Photonics will be presenting research overviews and providing an historical perspective on developments in their fields.

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1st September 2008 "Coupling dynamics in semiconductor lasers and applications to self-mixing interferometry and chaotic cryptography"

Location: University of Strathclyde -  Wolfson Centre – Level 5 small meeting room - 2pm


Summary: In this presentation, we start with a brief theoretical introduction to mutual and self coupling phenomena in laser oscillator, and then describe in details two applications. The first is self-mixing interferometry for measurements of displacement, distance, vibration, and angle, and physical parameters like coupling factors, line width, alfa-factor. In this case, the laser undergoes self-injection at weak level, leading to an amplitude and frequency modulation driven by external optical path. The second application is optical chaos, which is generated by the laser source at strong level of injection. We describe mutual and self-injection generation of chaos, and the first step of development to cryptography, that is, synchronization. Then, we will review several schemes of coding and decoding of information, i.e., chaotic masking and CSK (chaos shift keying) and how they can be implemented, along with theoretical and experimental results carried out recently.

Biography: Silvio Donati is full Professor at University of Pavia since 1980. He authored 2 books (Photodetectors, Prentice Hall 1999, and Electrooptical Instrumentation, Prentice Hall 2004), about 250 papers in Journal and Conference Proceedings, and has been the Guest Editor of a dozen Special Issues (JSTQE, JoO-A, Opt.Engineer., JQE, etc.). His seminal papers on self-mixing interferometry and optical chaotic cryptography have totaled 500+ citations. He is a Fellow of IEEE and of OSA. Has founded and has been the Chair of the LEOS Italian Chapter. Has been LEOS VP Region 8 membership and BoG member of the LEOS. He is presently the Chair of the IEEE Italy Section. 


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