IEEE Argentina - Capítulo de Potencia
(Argentinian Chapter of IEEE - Power Engineering Society)




1 Harmonics

1.1 Introduction

1.2 Fourier series and Fourier transform

1.2.1 Overview
1.2.2 Fourier Series
1.2.3 The Fourier Transform (or integral)
1.2.4 The Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) and the Fast Fourier transform (FFT)

1.3 Quantitative description of harmonics

1.4 Harmonic sources and their frequency spectra

1.4.1 Interharmonics
1.4.2 Overview of harmonic sources
1.4.3 Fluorescent lamps
1.4.4 Arc furnaces
1.4.5 Power converter: Three-phase, six-pulse bridge rectifier
1.4.6 Power converter: Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM)
1.4.7 Power converter groups

1.5 Effects of harmonics

1.6 Modelling Networks

1.6.1 Harmonic Sources
1.6.2 Frequency dependence of R and L
1.6.3 Power lines
1.6.4 Transformer
1.6.5 Induction machine (asynchronous machine)
1.6.6 Synchronous machine
1.6.7 Series resonant circuits
1.6.8 Parallel resonant circuits
1.6.9 Loads
1.6.10 Network feeders

1.7 Measuring Harmonic voltages and currents

1.7.1 Basic elements of harmonic analysers
1.7.2 Sampling and digitising
1.7.3 Shannon's sampling theorem
1.7.4 Aliasing
1.7.5 Behaviour of voltage and current transformers at harmonic frequencies

1.8 Measuring the network impedance

1.8.1 Methods for measuring the network impedance
1.8.2 Example of special measuring equipment for low-voltage network impedance
1.8.3 Examples of low-voltage network impedance
1.8.4 Examples of low-voltage and medium voltage network impedances

1.9 Harmonic Standards and harmonic limits

1.10 Filters

1.10.1 Types of filters
1.10.2 Passive Filters
1.10.3 Active filters