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Getting Started

Career planning or searching for a new job is never easy. Whether you're undertaking this task on your own schedule or an imposed one, you need to carefully make a plan. On this site we point to a number of reference materials that help you cope with the stress of career change and give you guidance on what to do next.

The first step is to recognize that you're not the only person looking for a change. If you are unemployed because of a layoff, don't take it personal. Don't forget that your IEEE network is as close as the next Section meeting. Make use of this network to talk about your situation and get honest feedback about your experience, skills and the opportunities that may be just down the road from your old company. Beyond the Section network, IEEE-USA has created the Employment & Career Strategies Forum. This is an online service that supports the posting of timely reference material and discussion areas where your questions can get answers.

The second step is to write the plan that will guide your career to its next phase. To assist you in building the plan, IEEE-USA has created the Career Planning Guide for IEEE Members. This guide can be downloaded from the IEEE-USA web site. Additional resources are available as
E-Books and can be downloaded from IEEE-USA.

The third step is to identify targets for your job search. This site has many information sources that are organized by national and local listings. Take the time to check out a number of these sites until you find the ones that interest you. Not every available job is listed on a job bank or newspaper. Many are never listed external to a company. To find these jobs use your local IEEE network and find someone that works at a particular company. Ask your contact to review the internal listings and let you know if something is available. If you can't find a company contact or need to develop a list of companies in a particular area, Region 3 can provide a report based on a number of query criteria. This report is in Excel format and can be sorted to help you organize a targeted job search.

The final step is to establish contact and make that important first impression. The information sources on this site can help you make the contact but from there it's up to you. Remember to research the target companies thoroughly and know what they do and how they do it. It's also a good idea to practice with a friend before an interview.

Good luck with your efforts and let us know how Region 3 can help. Remember, in the IEEE Network, the person you help this year can help you in years to come.


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