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September 2000

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Director's Corner

Richard L. Riddle
IEEE Region 3 Director

I take this opportunity to invite you, the volunteer leadership of Region 3, to join us in attempting to do a better job in conducting and communicating the business of IEEE. This special issue of our first electronic Region 3 Newsletter is another attempt to better communicate and hopefully give you some tools that will allow you to do a better job of conducting the business of IEEE. This newsletter includes articles about our electronic conferencing (e-conf) project. Our Region is leading many within IEEE to consider using e-conf as an alternate to face-to-face meetings and a better way to work together to resolve the many issues that we are faced with at all levels of this organization. No, we do not claim that we have developed anything new or that by using our version of electronic conferencing we can eliminate all face-to-face meetings. What we have developed is a set of techniques and guides to use existing tools that are available for free to anyone that has a PC and access to the Internet. After holding more than 150 meetings via Region 3's electronic conferencing system and using the techniques developed we have not only saved our region a considerable amount of travel expense and volunteer leader's time, but in addition, we have performed a better job of communicating and conducting the region's business.

 I am asking each of you to use our e-conf techniques in conducting much of the IEEE business for which you are responsible in your respective IEEE entity. There is a learning curve involved in using these tools and techniques. The e-Conferencing Guidelines are a product of this collaborative development ( ) and are available along with the e-Conferencing Committee to assist you getting started.

One measure of our success as an IEEE entity is the progress we make toward our goals and objectives. Region 3's Goals and Objectives (G&O's) for the year 2000 are stated in our Strategic Plan and can be found on the Web at:

Bob Duggan has developed a cross-reference or index of our Region 3 Strategic Plan for 2000 that shows the G&O's assigned to each member of the Region Executive Committee (ExCom) that is included in this issue of our newsletter. I encourage each member of the ExCom to use the Strategic Plan index to review the assigned G&O's for your area of responsibility. Please structure your annual report based on the accomplishment or progress toward your assigned G&O's.

 Each Region 3 Area/Council Chair should contact each Section Chair within their scope of responsibility and establish an e-conf and determine the progress made toward the Section/Area/Council/Region's 2000 G&O's.

Each Region 3 Committee Chair should contact their respective committee members and establish an e-conf and determine the progress made toward the committee's G&O's.

 In preparation for our Region 3 Executive Committee meeting on October 20-22, I am requesting that all ExCom annual reports be forwarded to Chip Dawson < > and Dave Green < > by no later than October 6. A second issue of the newsletter (electronic version) is planned and will contain your reports. The distribution of that newsletter to all of Region 3's volunteer leadership is planned to be posted on October 9.

As many of you know, I am committed to finding better ways to conduct the business of IEEE. I feel that by using our e-conf methodology we have made considerable progress in accomplishing this aim. With your support by learning and using e-conf tools and guidelines we can achieve much more. We are on the track to changing how we work together. All Aboard!

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