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September 2000

Region 3 e-Conferencing Experiences

Bill Ratcliff
Region 3 E-Conference Chair

For nearly 2 years now the seeds of electronic conferencing to support distributed / collaborative work efforts have been developing and growing into a new way of working together here in Region 3.  Electronic Conferencing (e-conf) is one of the elements in this transformation and therefore one of the subjects of this first issue of the Web Based Region 3 Newsletter. This goals of this article are to:

Brief History (How did we get to this point? )

The cost of conducting face to face meetings and conferences is proving to be a limiting factor in many projects within IEEE, universities and some industries.  The results of the Region 3 e-Conferencing Project are very promising on filling that time gap between face to face meetings and making the face to face meeting more productive.

 The journey continues, but the following milestones have been achieved so far:

The next phases of the e-Conferencing Guideline development are underway. The goal is to add asynchronous meeting techniques (web, e-mail, newsgroup, etc.) to the mix of tools and techniques available. Region 3's Excom has voted to set up a dedicated experimental server to speed these efforts along.

Introductory sessions have been recently conducted ...

The focus continues to be on making the current technological capability "friendly". The project itself is the product of collaboration using currently available electronic conferencing tools. The new users of the e-Conf Guideline will still have a learning curve to overcome but will be able to concentrate on conducting a meeting and not on developing the meeting tools and methodologies as well.

The design criteria includes:

The details of the project can be found on the web at . If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the members of the team by sending an email to

You are welcome to join the project at any point in time but the sooner you do the sooner you will reap the benefits. The most important thing you can do as a volunteer in Region 3 is climb aboard.

Midst the glamour of the tools and the glitz of the technology resides the collaborative work ethic that drives the volunteer based organization we know as IEEE. In other words...

"It ain't just the technology but the total methodology of how we work together that is important".

Preparation by: The Region 3 e-Conf Project Team.

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