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Volume 15 Number 3
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October 2000

Communications Committee Report
Fall 2000

Chip Dawson
IEEE Region 3 Communications Committee Vice Chair

III. Services & Technology B.Communications

b. Foster use of newsgroups and e-mail lists for information sharing.

c. Actively push for all region entities to have an active up to date Web page.

As Vice Chair of the communicaiton committee I have contacted all the areas and council that current do not have web pages to encourage the develope one. I have responces from Virgina Council and Area 8 in regard to creating pages for their area’s. Virgina Council is activly discussing a project. Area 8 has appointed a tentative webmaster to undertake the project.

d. Publicize at all levels, the availability of IEEE Web pages and encourage member use of these pages.

The website has been going over a major overhaul in the past few months with adding and upgrading the various committee sites . Currently we have added or upgraded the pages for Awards, Education Activities, Strategic Planning, Conferencing, e-Conferencing and Leadership Development. Leadership Development maintains it own committee site outside the Region 3 website. Other activities with the website include is the movement of the Corporate Relations site from under the Region 3 directory to a separate site. Chip Dawson is, working with Bill Harrison to identify the materials that need to be moved to the new site. A permanent record of the earlier site will be burned to a CD for historical purposes.

e. Archive all Reg 3 manuals available on the Reg 3 Web page.

The Region 3 Operations manual has been archived to the Region 3 Website in HTML format. The Leadership Development Training manual has been started by the LD Committee.

f. Archive all Reg 3 Newsletters on the Reg 3 Web site.

We have identified a tool that will convert Old newsletters that have been saved in pdf format to convert them to HTML. We are currently identifying the old newsletters (1996 to Spring 2000) for conversion. If electronic copies can not be found Joey Duvall will work on scanning the newsletters in and converting them to another form.

i. Develop, distribute, and maintain a Region 3 Resource CD that contains available Region 3 Documentation and applications that facilitate communications between members, IEEE, and the public.

V. Strengthened Image A. Strategic Planning

e. Post the R3 Strategic Plan on the Region 3 Web site. We worked with the Strategic Planning committee to post the strategic plan to the Region 3 website.

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