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Volume 15 Number 3
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October 2000

E-Conferencing Committee Report
Fall 2000

Bill Ratcliff
IEEE Region 3 E-Conferencing Chair

Since the focus of this edition of the newsletter is on the Region 3 Strategic Plan 2000, the e-Conferencing Committee presents a view of "where we are" and asks your help in determining the "direction we need to take from here".

The following objective was assigned to the e-Conferencing Committee… 3.B.h Complete e-conferencing Guidelines for synchronous and asynchronous meetings by SoutheastCon 2000.
Status: The committee developed e-conf 102 and revised e-conf 101 for presentation at SoutheastCon. The guidelines are still under development.

The committee has been concentrating on "getting the word out" about e-conferencing to many IEEE gatherings during the last several months. In fact the last issue of the R3 e-Newsletter had a good summary of the project to date.

Charles Lord, chief trainer, has made presentations at JAMCON, Professional Development Conference and most recently to the IEEE Awards Board. The level of interest in e-conferencing by many IEEE entities is most encouraging. We are pleased to see the e-conferencing methodology being used most recently in the region wide discussion on Concentration Banking Accounts, and the Region 3 Communications Committee in developing the web changes. We welcome the SoutheastCon 2001 committee and IEEE Awards Board to the growing list of e-conferencing users. Can we add your organization? We are here to help you make e-conferencing an integral part of your operation.

So, where are we going from here? There are many areas that demand attention and could benefit by using e-conferencing techniques but which ones are the most important? Which areas have the greatest impact to the members? … volunteers.? In this issue we want to solicit your help. So buckle up and get ready to join the discussion. This is the interactive part.

We need your help in developing the direction of this project. Please participate in the newsgroup discussion by logging into your newsgroup reader at nntp:// or thru your browser at and adding your comments to the discussion… How can we improve the e-conferencing methodology? What problems did you have "getting started"?. . in using the methods ongoing?

How could your organization benefit from using e-conferencing? if only........... were changed? Please join in the discussion .since contrary to a popular belief "we don't read minds". See you on the Net.

Prepared by: Bill Ratcliff in collaboration with the e-Conferencing Committee ( )

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