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Volume 15 Number 3
Page 17

October 2000

Employment Assistance Committee IEEE-USA Report
Fall 2000

David Macchiarolo
IEEE Region 3 Employment Assistance Chair

The EAC has not had many requests for assistance in the last year, which is good. (the committee is busiest when times are bad). In our own region, I have not heard of any major closings or layoffs affecting IEEE members. While we hope that is indicative of the times, we also think that better awareness and marketing of the services of the EAC is needed to make sure that members are aware that the services exist.

At the most recent meeting of the EAC in April, it was decided to allocate budgeted funds to advertise the services and products of the EAC (the Job Listing Service, etc) including enhancing the Web presence of the EAC.

The committee is also modifying the "Quick Response Team" presentation packages (used for presentations to companies experiencing major layoffs) to shorten each of them to a - hour presentation that could be made to local sections as a "lunch time" program over a series of 5 days.

The EAC is also continuing to work with other committees (including Career Maintenance & Development) to come up with some joint projects where there is overlap.

While I personally was unable to attend the meeting in April due to a scheduling conflict, the committee continues to make high usage of electronic communications tools to stay in touch and keep abreast of developments that may require our services.

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