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October 2000

Area 3 Georgia Report
Fall 2000

Edward O'Brien
IEEE Region 3 Area 3 Georgia Chair

The Atlanta section appears to functioning very well. They have had 2 Ec Com meetings since last March's report. They had a general section meeting/tour of the Lockheed Martin Plant and saw the C-130J and F-22 production lines. Since last March the Power Engineering Society, the Computer Society, and the AESS/GRSS have each had 4 meetings. IAS has had two meetings. EMC and APS/CMPTS have each had one meeting.

The Savannah Section is now getting back up to full speed after the summer lay off. They have had meetings in September and one planned for the 12 of Octorber to see Flight Safety International which provides training on Gulfstream aircraft. The Savannah Section and the Central Georgia Section Plan a joint meeting in November to tour the Allen-Bradley plant.

The Central Georgia Section has been doing very well. They have had nearly monthly meetings since the last report and one Ex Com report. The have been active in an educational outreach program targeting middle school children. Elections are underway for next years officers and they are excited about the November joint meeting with the Savannah Section. The Central Georgia report is attached.

Common elements exist among all the sections. How to increase member activity and how to re-attract those in arrears.

IEEE Central Georgia Section Report Oct. 5, 2000
Past Accomplishments
1. Awarded Third Millennium Medal to Dr. Douglas E. Moody and Mr. Dennis A. Ludwig for their contributions to the IEEE Central Georgia Section.

2. Updated Section Bylaws.

3. Hosted a Distinguished Lecturer Series lecturer at the June meeting: Dr. Richard Wiley on "The Future of Electronic Warfare and Modern Radar Signals." The cost of this was about $1000 for the speaker's travel expenses, $500 of which was paid by the IEEE Aerospace Society and the remaining $500 paid by the Section. This program was well received by the Section, with an attendance at the meeting of 28 members.

Current Accomplishments
1. Conducting officer elections with ballots to be mailed Nov. 1.

2. Continuing effort to increase Section meeting attendance by holding two drawings - one a door prize in which an attendee is awarded a Silver Eagle dollar, and a second in which a member is drawn from the entire Section roster and if present wins $260 currently, which was started at $40 in April 1999 and is increased by $20 each meeting to a maximum of $500 at which time we will need to either restart the kitty at $40 or draw until there is a winner.

3. Continuing effort to Increase Section meeting attendance by having each ExComm member contact at least two members prior to Section meetings.

4. Continuing Section sponsorship of Future Scientists and Engineers after-school program at Russell Elementary School in Warner Robins, a program which was started by the Section in the 1998-1999 schoolyear. The Section pays $1500 per year for 50 students to participate in the program which provides hands-on experience in demonstrating scientific principles and solving engineering problems. There are currently six engineering mentors, two of whom are Section members, providing instruction in the program. The number of teachers involved in the program has increased from one in the first year to two last year and to four this year. This and the fact that we have increased student participation from 50 in previous years to 100 this year attests to the strong reception this program has received.

5. Joint meeting with Savannah Section scheduled for Nov. 9 to tour Allen-Bradley facility in Dublin, including an onsite joint meeting during which we will exchange information about our respective sections: history, officers, programs, etc, with dinner following.

6. Treasurer is currently working on the setup for the Concentrated Banking program requested by IEEE headquarters.

Past Due Accomplishments and Future Goals
1. Contact Members in Arrears

2. Senior Upgrades for qualified ExComm members.

3. Public Announcement for National Engineers Week next Feb.

4. Professional Engineers seminar for P.E. continuing education credits.

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