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October 2000

Area 8 Kentucky Report
Fall 2000

John Parr
IEEE Region 3 Area 8 Kentucky Chair

Evansville-Owensboro Section Activity Report for January to October 2000 Submitted by Paul Kuban, Evansville-Owensboro Section Chair

For the January meeting, Troy McClean of Micro Motion, Inc. presented a discussion on the development, operation, and application of Coriolis mass flow meters at the University of Southern Indiana.

In February, the group attended the Engineers Banquet hosted by the University of Evansville and sponsored in part by the section. A presentation on using Internet browsers for general business activities was given by Mr. Steve Pieper of Microsoft, Inc.

Region 3 Director Dick Riddle attended our March meeting and presented the section with a 50-year anniversary banner. Several original members were in attendance. Mr. Paul Kuban from USI gave a presentation on digital audio processing.

At the April meeting, several students from the University of Evansville presented a discussion about the development and performance of the autonomous vehicle that was designed and built for the Southeastcon Student Hardware Contest in Nashville. Also, the attendees unanimously approved the updated section bylaws.

During the May meeting, Mr. James Pfaffman, a recent graduate of USI, gave his Senior Project design presentation regarding the PLC-based automation of a large industrial paint-curing oven.

The officers met once during the summer to plan for the upcoming program year.

The Chair and Secretary opened a new checking account due to a merger with our old bank. The section is presently considering closing this account and creating a concentration banking account.

The Chair organized the applications of 3 individuals for upgrade to senior member status and distributed the materials to members identified as possible references. We're still waiting to see if the completed applications have been forwarded to IEEE Headquarters.

This summer, the Chair initiated contact with the Paducah subsection in order to resolve the issue of whether or not they intend to stay active. No response was received from the last known Chair of the subsection.

In September the section held the first meeting of the new program year. Mr. David Schultz discussed the efficiency of Midwest power plants involved in deregulation. The Chair also called for nominations for new officers and volunteers for some of the usual activities.

Lexington Section Activity Report for January to October 2000 Submitted by Don Hill, Lexington Section Chair

The Lexington Section had a full compliment of programs for 2000.

They began the year with their own student paper contest. The winner of the local section contest made a good showing at Southeastcon. The Lexington Section held one joint meeting with the Louisville Section. Region 3 Director Dick Riddle presented IEEE Millennium Medals to each section's recipients.

The section toured the Morehead University radio telescope in Morehead Kentucky and one section meeting was at the Cypress Semiconductor design office in Lexington.

Lexington Section member Jerry Goerz traveled to Jamaica to present a paper at JAMCon 2000. Jerry is now a published author. Elwood West of the Lexington Section traveled with Jerry to the conference.

Officers were elected and their terms extended to 18 months to bridge the transition to a calendar year. The section bylaws will be amended to reflect the calendar year changes and submitted to the Region for approval.

The Lexington Section has bid on hosting Sections Congress 2005. They will know late this year about their success.

The Lexington Section is hosting the International Intel Science Fair in 2002. We are forming a host committee and contacting HQ for more information.

The section plans to transfer its funds on hand to the IEEE concentration account following further instructions to be received at the October 2000 Region 3 Excom meeting.

Louisville Section Activity Report for January to October 2000.

Submitted by C. R. Davis, Louisville Section Chair and Dr. Joseph D. Cole, Professional and Educational Activities Chair

Dr. Cole promoted the IEEE Third Millennium Medals program in the Section. Seven members were nominated and approved for the award. Arranged a joint dinner meeting with the Lexington and Louisville Sections at which Region 3 Director Dick Riddle spoke and presented the medals to the recipients from the two Sections.

In addition to the usual schedule of section meetings the Louisville section hosted a joint meeting with the Lexington Section. Region 3 Director Dick Riddle presented IEEE Third Millennium Medals to each section's recipients. Seven members of the Louisville Section received medals.

The section has promoted in cooperative efforts with the Instrument Society of America (ISA) and is planning a Christmas dinner meeting in conjunction with the Instrument Society of America at the University of Louisville.

The section is providing support to the student branches at the University of Louisville and ITT Technical Institute.

The section is working with members from the Bowling Green, KY area to establish a Western Kentucky Subsection. The Western Kentucky University Student Branch Counselor, Dr. Stacy Wilson, is leading the effort to establish the subsection in Bowling Green.

The Louisville Section is using innovative methods to improve communication with members. The section has developed a website for communication with members. The section is also using email notices to members. The monthly newsletter is now published on a large postcard format. This format saves time relative to a mass mailing and is easier to manage. The postcards are mailed at the 20-cent rate.

The section plans to switch to a concentration bank account in December 2000.

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