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Volume 15 Number 3
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October 2000

Membership Development Committee Report
Fall 2000

Butch Shadwell
IEEE Region 3 Membership Development Committee Chair

Since accepting the position of MDC chair, I have had little time to develop an agenda. Having been an active member of the IEEE for over 20 years, the general goals of MD are familiar to me. Likewise, the complexity and difficulties associated with this problem domain are also familiar to me.

Getting successful, busy professionals to give a portion of their precious time to pursue activity with our society is the challenge. I believe the institute shares my conclusion that the key to this process is starting young. In order for the IEEE to continue to grow and represent the vital interests of all EEs, we must impress the students and recent graduates with the value and many benefits the institute has to offer.

Once they're in, the organization must make it worthwhile to maintain and upgrade membership. One of the keys to this process is broad recognition of those who have done these things. The institute must provide useful information on a regular basis, and other career enhancing value. The institute should also be a source of pride for the members. We need to foster an esprit de corps on a global level.

By my next report, I will have formulated specific plans to advance these goals. If you have something to add, or would like to participate on this committee in any fashion, please email me at or simply attend one of the scheduled MDC meetings at region 3 gatherings.

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