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Volume 15 Number 3
Page 21

October 2000

Newsletter Committee Report
Fall 2000

Chip Dawson
IEEE Region 3 Newsletter Web Editor


Communications - Newsletter

II. Membership B. Membership Growth, Retention, & Elevation

f. Publicize awards in Region Newsletter and in local newsletters

The Region 3 newsletter has gone electronic. The current issue went live on Monday October 9, 2000. This is the second issue of the enewsletter to be published.

Schedule for Newsletter Publication:

Volume 15 Number 4 Executive Committee Meeting Issue- Results of the Executive Committee Meeting on October 20 to 22, 2000 Myrtle Beach, SC Publication: November, 2000 (electronic only)

Volume 16 Number 1 SoutheastCon Issue - This issue will focus on SoutheastCon with registration and event information Publication: January, 2001 (paper and electronic)

Volume 16 Number 2 Region 3 pre Conference Committee Meeting - Reports for Region 3 Committee meeting at SoutheastCon. The materials presented will be used in the preconferernce conference and the conference meeting itself. Publication: February/March 2001

Volume 16 Number 3 Region 3 Committee Meeting Issue- Results of the Region 3 Committee Meeting on March 30 to April 1, 2001 Clemson, SC Publication: April, 2000 (electronic only)>

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