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Volume 15 Number 3
Page 22

October 2000

Nominations & Appointments Committee Report
Fall 2000

Jim Beall
IEEE Region 3 Nominations & Appointments Committee Chair

Call for Nominations Region 3 Director-Elect 2002-3, Delegate/Director 2004-5

This is a call for nominations for Region 3 Director Elect 2002-2003 who will then also serve as Region 3 Director 2004-2005. Please send your nominations to the Chair of the nominating committee Jim Beall by 17 October 2000 who, with the rest of the N&A Committee make recommendations to the Region 3 Excom for this position. The Region 3 Excom will then submit a list of candidates to the Region Committee for approval before submitting the candidates to IEEE Operations Center for Region ballotting in 2001.

Additionally, please submit the names of other individuals who should be considered for service on the Region 3 Excom. These suggestions should also be submitted to Jim Beall. These suggestions will be supplied to the Region 3 Director who makes these appointments.

Thanks again for your service to the members of the IEEE!

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