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October 2000

Secretary's Report
Fall 2000

David Green
IEEE Region 3 Secretary

One of the never-ending tasks within IEEE is trying to keep rosters and other addresses information current. Since many Sections are converting from academic year to calendar year, the need to update addresses at the end of the year may be new. Please take a second and make sure that IEEE Headquarters has current information on your section. Further information on how to report officers is available at

The Region 3 meeting information, agendas, and reports received are on-line at

I thank EXCOM members who have submitted their reports prior to the meeting according to the guidelines posted on the web. These reports are posted to the web linked with the agenda. This will also serve as the archival mechanism.

One of the most useful things I have 'practiced' in Region 3 this year is collaborating with Region 3 leaders electronically as part of the e-conferencing effort. It has been quite encouraging to see these methods successfully applied to real IEEE issues (like Concentration Banking). My favorite mechanism is the threaded discussion as implemented with our newsgroup server. This approach allows issues to be discussed and documented in a structured manner while allowing individuals to participate at times that are convenient to them. These newsgroups allow those wish to participate to get on-line and make their opinions known. As President Bartlet on West Wing (yes, the TV show ) said, "Decisions are made by those who show up." It is your IEEE and I invite you to show up on one or more of Region 3's electronic conferences.

I close congratulating Dick Riddle on his successful first year as Director.

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