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Volume 16 Number 1

Janurary 2001

Awards & Recognition Committee Report

John Twitchell (
Awards & Recognition Chair

Nominations for Outstanding Engineer, Outstanding Service, and Outstanding Engineering Educator have been received, and the packages are in the mail for the Area/Council Chairs to review and grade. Award recommendations will be made to the EXCOM at our econference meeting.

ARC plans to 1) update the ARC manual in 2001, and 2) recommend an Outstanding Chapter of the Region Award in 2001 (yes, I know the ARC planned to do this in 2000).

Region 3 is in the process of selecting its major annual award recipients. We will be recognizing members for Outstanding Service, Outstanding Engineering Educator, and Outstanding Engineer at our Spring meeting at SoutheastCon, to be held at Clemson this year. Additionally, a number of our fellow Region 3 members have been recognized by IEEE USA and IEEE RAB. Sean Hayes earned a Professional Achievement Award from IEEE USA for his GOLD activities. William B. Harrison won the IEEE RAB Achievement Award for the Region 3 Industry Relations Project. Messrs. David Green, Charles Lord, and William Ratcliff earned the RAB Innovation Award for their work on e-Conferencing. Reed Thompson earned the RAB Leadership Award for his work with developing Region 3 section leaders. Jack G. Pfrimmer and J. Carroll Hastings also received the RAB Achievement Award for their service to the Alabama Section for their work on the section guide and bylaws. Our congratulations to all of these IEEE volunteers for their efforts on our behalf. These awards are a demonstration that there is much activity in Region 3, and as you see announcements for IEEE awards, you should not hesitate to nominate your fellow section members for recognition of their accomplishments.

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