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Volume 16 Number 1

Janurary 2001

Conference Committee Report

Charles Lord (,
Conference Committee Chair

The conference committee is busy this year with a number of activities:

The Southcon trade show will not take place in 2001. Its directors are currently re-examining where the show is going. See Jim Howard's report for more information.

As traditional trade show attendance dwindles, we face the challenges of providing services to our region's members to replace or augment Southcon as well as replacing the income that the show provided the Region each year. One direction we may wish to pursue is the electronic or on-line conference. Another may be local or travelling "table top" shows. ANYONE with interest in these solutions, PLEASE contact me!

SoutheastCon 2000 was a wonderful success and has closed their books with a surplus. The final IEEE audit is currently underway and we expect the official closing report very soon. Hats off to George Cook, Ensign Johnson, and their hard-working committee for a job well done!

SoutheastCon 2001 is fast getting ready for us to descend upon them on March 30-April 1. No fooling - it will be a great conference and Region Committee Meeting! Mark Stokes and Nick Pasquerilla, along with Program Chair Dr. John Gowdy are putting together a bang-up conference. See you in Clemson!

Progress continues on SoutheastCon 2002, to be held in Columbia, SC. Yingli Wen has a hard-working committee making good progress.

SoutheastCon 2003 and beyond are still up for grabs! We have been notified of one section that is interested in 2003 (Jamaica!) but that is the only one. Please talk with the others in your local section and come to Southeastcon this year with a bid for 2003 or any year after that. Hosting SoutheastCon is a lot of work but it really is FUN and a rewarding experience.

Speaking of Jamaica, we are looking at ways that a Jamaica SoutheastCon could become a reality. It would take some creative financing and travel planning to get our students to Jamaica - but think of the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity it would give them. I ask all of you to think about this and provide ideas. We are thinking about corporate sponsorship, possible funding from other IEEE entities, and perhaps US Government funds (I understand NSF has funded college students to overseas conferences but don't know how it works). Come get involved! This could be the most exciting SoutheastCon ever!

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