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Janurary 2001


Richard Riddle(,
Region 3 Director

To the 33,000 IEEE members within Region 3 who will receive this newsletter, I bid you welcome to the new millennium and look forward to seeing you at SoutheastCon 2001 our annual region-wide conference.

January 1, 2001 was the beginning of the Third Millennium according to our nation's official timekeeper the United States Naval Observatory. Many considered January 1, 2000 as the start of the new millennium and we all celebrated when we discovered that the world did not end and the Y2K bug did not bite very hard. We will never know if all of the dire predictions of what would happen, but did not come to pass were a result of good preventative action by our IEEE technical professionals or just bad predictions.

Year 2000 was a good year for Region 3 in spite of a major downturn in the stock market and in our economy, the coldest December of record, and the uncertainty in who would be our next U.S. President. Our region continues to set the pace for the rest of IEEE to follow. I am particularly proud of how our Region 3 Executive Committee has worked together as a team to make major contributions in improving member services not only for members of our region but all IEEE members. However, without the untiring contributions made by our Section/Chapter officers and committee leaders we would have little to celebrate as we begin the Third Millennium. To learn more about what is going on in our region and how to take advantage of the many services offered, I invite you to take a look at our Region 3 Home Page at:

If you are a Section/Chapter Officer or in particular the Treasurer I recommend that you take advantage of our web training program accessible from our homepage by clicking on the Leadership Development Committee link. Other links give you access to a variety of additional information about the structure of our region and what we do.

The SoutheastCon 2001 Conference Committee has arranged an exciting, enjoyable, and rewarding conference this year. As Electrical and Computer professionals, students, and faculty come together from all over the southeastern states to hold an outstanding 3-day conference, I recommend that you plan to attend and join us.

Richard Riddle, IEEE Region 3 Director (

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