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Volume 16 Number 1

Janurary 2001

e-Conference Committee Report

Bill Ratcliff (,
e-Conference Committee Chair

The e-Conferencing Ad Hoc Committee is now a part of the Region 3 Communications Committee. This is not a drastic change and for all practical purposes the two committees have never been separate because the shared objectives provided strong linkage. Besides, the members of both committees were / are the same people. (All of us in IEEE are used to wearing multiple hats)

The year 2000 observed many changes in how we work together in Region 3. The strong work ethic was already present, the commitment to operate as a Team was already present, the willingness to share ideas and concepts... all already present. Then what changed? The use of the e-Conferencing Methodology made the time between ExCom meetings more productive than ever before.

This year 2001 promises to be the time that e-Conferencing becomes a natural part of "How we work together in Region 3". That means all entities within Region 3... That means YOU! Several Sections have already utilized e-conferencing but many have not. Many Councils and Areas have used e-conferencing and many have not. By this time in 2002, we hope to say "nearly every volunteer in Region 3 has attended an e-conference meeting and is committed to making it part of their work life in IEEE".

Many presentations have been made throughout Region 3, to the Regional Activities Board, and other entities with the Institute. Articles have been published in Region 3 Newsletters and local Section's Newsletters. Another article, that I would invite you to read, is included in this issue of the Region 3 Newsletter "What's All This Collaboration Stuff About, Anyway? By Charles J. Lord, PE. This does not mean that we are finished developing, evolving , refining, tweaking the e-Conferencing Methodology (after all we are engineers). It does mean that our focus will be "put the techniques to work". As Pa Kettle used to say " I've been meaning to fix that... when I get around to it".

Now is the time to start using e-conferencing and the Region 3 e-Conferencing Committee is here to help. If you attend the region meetings at SoutheastCon 2001 you'll find out even more about e-Conferencing and how to get started. Visit our website... in the mean time.

See you at Clemson in March!

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