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Janurary 2001

Area 8 Kentucky Report

John Parr (,
Area 8 Chair

The three sections in Area 8 are health and were productive in the last quarter-year of the second millennium as can be seen from the following reports.

Evansville-Owensboro Section

Activity Report for the term of October 2000 to January 2001

Submitted by Paul Kuban, Section Chair

The Chair and Treasurer are in the process of creating a concentration banking account. The application packet is almost complete, but still requires additional signatures before we can send it in.

Last year, the Chair organized the applications of three individuals for upgrade to senior member status and distributed the materials to members identified as possible references. Of the three reference packets, only two arrived at IEEE HQ. Since the third packet was apparently lost in transit, another reference packet needs to be completed.

Recently the Chair again initiated contact with the Paducah sub-section in order to resolve the issue of whether or not they intend to stay active. To date, no response was received from the last known Paducah Chair.

In October, we met at the Old Country Buffet and enjoyed a presentation regarding "Voice over IP" by Mr. Scott Hartig.

In November, we attended a plant tour at the American Electric Power Inc. Rockport, Indiana generating station. We did not hold scheduled officer elections, since no office was contested.

The Section is continuing to pay the IEEE student section at USI to fold and mail the newsletter. This continues to be a convenient and financially satisfactory arrangement.

The Section donated $500.00 to the USI IEEE student section to help defray the cost of the construction of their SoutheastCon vehicle.

The Section plans to donate $500.00 to the University of Evansville to support their Engineer's Week Banquet.

In January, the section began publishing advertisements in the newsletter to help defray the cost of publication.

Louisville Section

Activity Report for the term of October 2000 to January 2001

Submitted by Joe Cole

Section meeting - October - talk on the proposed light rail system for Louisville by John Cullen of Rail Science, Inc.

Section meeting - December - dinner and talk on entrepreneurship by Keith Williams of bCatalyst

Lexington Section

Activity Report for the term of October 2000 to January 2001

Submitted by Don Hill, Section Chair

The Lexington Section is active.

The section is changing to calendar year; the officers have agreed to extend their services to the end of 2001. A first draft of revised bylaws has been completed.

An IEEE concentration account has been established and funds have been moved to that account.

The section submitted an unsuccessful bid for Section's Congress 2005.

In January, the section will host a student paper contest and select a candidate for submission to SEC01 in Clemson. In February, the section will participate in the KSPE NEW 2001 Luncheon and the University of Kentucky Engineer's Day festivities.

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