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Janurary 2001

Past Director's Report

Dale Caston, P.E. (,
Region 3 Past Director

Year 2000 was an active year for Region 3. It was a year of firsts; the first Executive Committee held e-conference and the first electronic Region Newsletter. Both of these were successful and congratulations are given to Dick Riddle and all his Team that made these projects happen! [As a side note, Dave Green gave an excellent presentation on the e-conference at the Series of Board Meetings in Tampa last November.] Total IEEE memberships in Region 3 had an increase and while some sections are struggling, others continue to function very well. It is encouraging to hear of sections changing their officer elections to calendar year basis. Hopefully, all sections will make this change prior to 2002.

Looking to 2001, it is expected that good ideas will continue in our IEEE Region like the Treasurers training module which Reed Thompson has championed. All the sections have been encouraged by Director Riddle to take advantage of Concentration Banking. The Executive Committee members should make sure that their local sections are participating in this banking operation. During the 2001, many of our Region 3 members will have other IEEE responsibilities. Dick Riddle continues to be our Delegate on the IEEE Board of Directors, Pat Donohoe was selected as Vice Chair Student Activities for RAB, Lee Stogner will serve another term as Vice Chair Professional Activities for IEEE-USA and Charles Hickman will be the Treasurer for Educational Activities. After Dave Conner's two years as IEEE Treasurer, I am grateful to be selected to follow him in that office. Dave will be a real help as he will be on the IEEE Finance Committee as Past Chair. Others will have committee appointments that will insure that Region 3 is well represented in IEEE affairs.

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