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Volume 16 Number 1
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January 2001

Secretary's Report

David Green (,
Region 3 Secretary

The Region 3 meeting information, agendas, and reports received are on-line at

I thank EXCOM members who have submitted their reports prior to the meeting according to the guidelines posted on the web. These reports are posted to the web linked with the agenda. This will also serve as the archival mechanism.

Also available on the web (linked from the agenda) are the minutes of our past December EXCOM which were distributed after the meeting. The official approval of the minutes are on the consent agenda.

We are continuing to refine our process for setting up information on our meetings, etc. on the web to assist the EXCOM. Please let me know where you think improvements could be made.

Committees that wish to store items on the web may either do this through 1) the webmaster, 2) the Region 3 Secretary or 3) through a dedicated area that the committee controls. Please think through issues of maintenance, skills, and convenience before you decide since it is work to change the approach later. Chip Dawson ( can inform you as to the tradeoffs between the approaches.

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