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Janurary 2001

Treasurers Report and 2001 Proposed Budget, Charles Hickman, Region 3 Treasurer
The Region 3 financial condition continues to be good. The total assets will remain at approximately $246,000(end-of-year Long Term Investment data not available).Through 30 November 2000, the Long Term Investment(LTI) fund had a $3,124 decrease in value for the year. Income for the year, exclusive of LTI, was $90,537 compared to a 2000 budget of $101,784. Disbursements for the year, including cash advances, were $87,528 compared to a 2000 budget of $163,575.

The 2001 proposed budget is linked to the agenda. The major change from a previous submittal is related to the National Scout Jamboree. Since no expenditures were incurred in 2000, the 2001 budget has been increased from $10,400 to $30,000. A few other minor changes reflect recent requests for budget modifications. A deficit budget of $76,566 is being proposed: Income of $102,284 and disbursements of $178,850.

If you have questions or require additional information, please contact me.

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