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Janurary 2001


2001-2002 officers are Sean Haynes chair, David Geer vice chair, Wayne Galli secretary and Bill Clayton treasurer. New section chairs are Dr. Joe Roehl Richmond section, David Kingma Virginia Mountain section and Vince Williams Northern Virginia section (Region 2). The Virginia Coordinating Council (VCC) has been resurrected. VCC is a partnership between the VA Council and the Northern Virginia section. It was originally formed by the late Jim Strother and Val Bodin to execute actions that are common to all Virginia EE's, including needed contact, counsel and assistance to government, legislature and educational units in Virginia.

The Virginia Council Internet web site is up and running with home page at Bill Clayton is web master and, with the assistance of Chip Dawson, designer of the site.

The December 9, 2000 council meeting was an E-conference and was the best ever, thanks to the expertise of Sean Haynes facilitator.

Ralph Russell has just been elected to the board of Governors of the IEEE Components, Packaging, and Manufacturing Technology Society (CPMT) by the society's global members.

Dan Jackson will conduct the Leadership Training Session for the Virginia Council on January 27, 2001 in Richmond at Dominion Power's Innsbrook Pavilion. Adeeb Hamzey ( is coordinator.

Scout Jamboree. Planning for an Electronics and Electricity Web site is being developed to provide detailed information on the two Merit Badges. The web site will provide requirements for the merit badges, and links to related educational and career sites. Further plans are to create a video and distribute the video via web site. Representatives from several countries have expressed interest in the project. The jamboree will be held July 23 through August 1, 2001 at Ft. A. P. Hill near Fredericksburg, VA and will attract over 35, 000 scouts from the US and several foreign countries. The President of the United States usually attends the opening ceremony and is greeted by over 100,000 scouts , leaders, visitors and worldwide media. Ralph Russell on behalf of IEEE has coordinated the project every four years since 1981. Volunteers are needed to teach, counsel and test the scouts on Electrical Engineering and career counseling. To volunteer contact John P. Castelvecchi at or Ralph Russell at

Girl Scout Project (John Cross). This project has ben known as the Girl Scout Project but it is not limited to girl scouts. Virginia Coordinating Counsel's (VCC)'" Electricity Demonstrator" had a successful debut at the Electric Field Day at the Dominion Virginia Power's Innsbrook Pavillion in Richmond on Saturday October 21, 2000. There were about 113 girls and a few dozen leaders at the 7 hour event. IEEE demonstrated how electric motors work, why utilities use transformers and the concepts of voltage, current, power and energy conversion. the "Electric Demonstrator" is a large capital investment for IEEE in Virginia and is available to sections and other units. Electric Field Day was sponsored by IEEE, Dominion VA Power and GSUSA.

Awards (Bill Clayton). In addition to IEEE awards, Virginia Council is a member of Virginia Awards Committee, (VAC), which is a coalition of VA Council, IEEE, VSPE and Virginia chapters of ASCE, ASME and CEC (Contracting Engineers Counsel). VAC presents two awards a year. For 2000 the Crozet Award was presented to Eric H. Batch, PE of the VA Health Department as the Government Engineer of the Year and the Pletta Award to Professor Sushil Chaturvedi of ODU as the Engineering Educator of the Year. The awards were presented at the Virginia Engineers Conference on October 2 in Virginia Beach. All Virginia counsel awards may be seen at http//

Membership. Bill La Belle membership chair reports a steady increase of IEEE membership in Virginia. As expected 60% of members hold the M grade and a little less than 4% the SM grade.

The Hampton Roads Chapter featured David Huisenga of the Armed Forces Battle Group, headquartered in Suffolk, VA on "Military Collaboration in the 21st Century" in November. The January 25 meeting, as usual, will be devoted entirely to student paper presentations in preparation for SOUTHEASTCON. IEEE students from Hampton, Old Dominion, Norfolk State and Christorpher Newport Universities are invited to present papers.

The Virginia Mountain section, on September 21, presented IEEE Past President Ken Laker who spoke on " 21st Century IEEE, The Exemplary Global Engineering Society". The section rescued and resurrected the Microwave Theory & Techniques & Electron Devices chapter. Chairs are needed to reinvigorate the Power Engineering and Industry Applications chapters.

The Central Virginia Chapter, on October 20, toured, inspected and critically analyzed the newly reconstructed Carl Smith Center at Scott Stadium at the University of Virginia. The current expansion has increased the stadium's capacity to 60,000+ fans.

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