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Date: Thu, 15 Jan 1998 23:25:59 -0500
From: a_hargrove@juno.com (Andrew Hargrove)
Subject: A_Hargrove: VA Council Report to EXCOM
To: r3-excom1998@ieee.org
Cc: a_hargrove@juno.com
Since northern Virginia is Region 2 and since IEEE in all of Virginia
needs to work with the state government The Virginia Coordinating Council
(VCC) which includes the Virginia Council and the northern Virginia part
of Region 2 was formed.  Jim Strother chairs VCC.  VCC representatives met
with the Virginia Mathematics and Science Coalition (VMSC) in
Charlottesville in September and will also attend VMSC meeting in
Richmond in January.  VCC plans to form regional and local alliances for
science, math and technology education.

A letter is to be sent to the each member of the Virginia Assembly soon
after they convene in January, the letter ,along with a copy of the
IEEE-USA 105th Congress Legislature agenda, includes a statement about
IEEE interest in various programs as they apply to Virginia. The most
important topics are education and the workforce.

The Hampton Section had meetings on "Visual Communication", Ocean Reflected
GPS Signals, Digital Logic Analysis.  Virginia Mountain Section meetings
included VA Tech EE Dept chair revealing recent activities and future plans
for EE and Comp E, joint meeting with Power Engineering Chapter on power
industry deregulation, and the impact of technology on the future.  Future
meetings will include Chuck Alexander IEEE president.

"Mentor by Modem", a program to pair mentors with fifth grade students is
in full swing the Richmond area. A. Hamzey is working with school system
superintendent, principle, teachers and computer specialists. Training sessions
were at Virginia Commonwealth University. SOUTHEASTCON `97 reported financial
and technical success.

John Csomay has resigned as Virginia council chair.  Andrew Hargrove is
acting chair.

Andrew Hargrove
Acting Chair
Virginia Council  

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