Area 2 (NC Council) Report

Date: Thu, 15 Jan 1998 11:04:36 -0500

From: "Silvia G. Middleton" 

Subject: NC Council Report



I am looking forward to working with all of you as I assume the role of

Chair of the North Carolina Council. We will have our first meeting in early

February in Charlotte to start the business for the year.  I want to state

my appreciation for the leadership provided by Marvin Neiditz, our past

chair.  He continues to be a valuable resource to the council and the Region.

We had a very good year last year, with the NCSE tutorial on Wireless

Communications.  Planning for the SOUTHCON - North Carolina Extension is

well underway.  It is scheduled for April 6 - 8, 1998 at the North Carolina

Biotechnology Center, Research Triangle Park, NC.

Reports from the Sections and the Goals and objectives will be provided at

the next meeting. I am surveying the sections by e-mail and US Mail to

gather input on the areas I feel are of vital importance to our members and

hope to better develop ways to serve.


Silvia G. Middleton, Ph.D.

Assistant Dean

The William States Lee College of Engineering

UNC Charlotte

9201 University City Blvd.

Charlotte, NC 28223-0001


(704)547-2352 fax