Area 3 (GA) Report

Date: Wed, 14 Jan 1998 17:39:55 -0500

From: "William B. Ratcliff" 

Subject: Area 3 Report for January 1998 Meeting

To: r3 excom 

Date 14 January 1998

To: IEEE Region 3 Executive Committee

From: Bill Ratcliff, Area 3

Subject: Area 3 Report for ExCom Meeting, 16-18 January 1998

I want to thank Bill Harrison for his work as Area3 Chairman during the

past two years. I hope that I am able to effectively assist the Region ExCom

in meeting  the needs of the sections in Georgia, the objectives of Region 3

and the strategic direction of IEEE.

I asked the following questions in a recent e-mail message to the contacts

of the Atlanta Section, Central Georgia Section and Savannah Section:

What are the two (2) greatest challenges that your section faces in 1998?

What accomplishments would you like to share with other sections in Region


How can the other sections in Georgia or Region 3 help your section fulfill

its mission?

I will share the answers with the Region 3 Executive Committee as I receive

them and compile a complete list. The lead time that I gave for answering

the questions was too short to provide input for this meeting.

The following are functional areas that I would hope to explore during 1998:

Increase in electronic communication to facilitate "networking" among the


Enhanced web presence for Area 3

Promote Section and member participation in region activities

Focus on the Strategic Direction of Georgia Sections and the needs of the


I realize that this report is rather generic as I am "getting my feet on the


Ideas, suggestions and viewpoints are always welcomed.




  William B. Ratcliff ... Area 3 Representative

  20 Majestic Oak

  Savannah,GA 31406

  912.356.5379(voice or Fax)