(logo)    Area 9 Report

To:		Region 3 Executive Committee

From:		Dennis Hartley - Area 9 Chair

Date:		January 17, 1998

Subject:	Area 9 Report

Consequent upon the cessation of Section Meetings in the first half of

last year, the Section bounced forward, to hold six of seven, since June.

I am also pleased to report that the yearly Section Report to Regional

Activities Department has been submitted.

The following is a list of objectives projected for this year:

	1.	Retain and increase membership

	2.	Revive Student Branch at University of Technology

	3.	Launch Student Branch at University of the West Indies

	4.	Increase Senior Membership

	5.	Hosting of JamCon '98

	6.	Section Meeting Presentation by members of the Section's 

		Executive Committee

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