(logo)    Communications Committee Report

Date: Thu, 15 Jan 1998 18:10:14 -0500

From: swailbk@ornl.gov (Brian K. Swail)

Subject: Communications Committee Report

To: r3-excom1998@ieee.org

To: IEEE Region 3 Executive Committee

From: Brian Swail, Region 3 Communications Committee Chair

Subject: Communications Committee Report

Date: 15 January 1998

First, I would like to acknowledge the excellent work of Brian Skelton, our

previous Communications Committee Chair.  I may never be able to overcome

the stigma of being "the other Brian". :)

I look forward to working with the other members of the Communications

Committee.  Brian Skelton will be continuing as Newsletter Editor and Lee

Stogner will be our Public Information Officer.

Our immediate challenge is to convert the Region 3 BBS over to the web.  I

would like to acknowledge the tremendous amount of effort by Vernon Powers

in making the Region 3 BBS such a success.  I look forward to working with

Vernon as we make this transition.

Here are two goals to shoot for in 1998:

* Web sites for ALL Region 3 Sections/Subsections

* Web sites for ALL Region 3 Student Branches



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