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Date: Thu, 15 Jan 1998 15:12:15 +0000

From: Perry Wheless 

Subject: Educational Activities Committee

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As incoming Chair of the Educational Activities Committee (EAC), 

I am optimistic that we will be able to achieve a significant 

service level increase, on multiple fronts, with EAC during 

1998. In recent years, EAC has been "personpower-limited" and a high 

priority is to obtain, in the very near future, sufficient available 

manhours from an appropriate number of representatives and volunteers 

to enable an expansion of EAC activity.

Special thanks are extended to Dan Jackson, both for dedicated 

service rendered in the past, and for his willingness to continue as 

an EAC Mentor. As outgoing 1997 EAC Chair, Dan has just submitted a 

response to the Special Review Committee (SRC) Report on EAC. His 

time and efforts on this important last project are gratefully 


I accept the SRC Final Report as a constructive analysis of EAC. 

First, in the new year,  we will endeavor to flesh out EAC with 

numerous active participants. After the committee's size is increased 

and a more formal committee structure is established, it is 

anticipated that we can move quickly to determine the boundaries (or 

"nature and scope") of the EAC mission in accord with its charter 

and the SRC Report, and then proceed to implement new EAC 

activities.  IEEE Region 3 needs and expectations are dynamic. EAC 

recognizes that this is a period of change with regard to its 

"customers" and their service requirements, and we view this as an 

opportunity for Region 3 to again demonstrate the leadership and 

progressive spirit for which it is well known throughout IEEE.

All interested ExCom members are urged to take advantage of our 

Savannah meeting to become involved, or more involved, with EAC. 

Preferably, those offering suggestions will also volunteer for 

manual labor!

Submitted by Perry Wheless

1998 EAC Chair

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