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Date: Wed, 14 Jan 1998 10:12:34 -0600

From: "Lea G. Brothers" 

Subject: GOLD Report

To: r3-excom1998@ieee.org

To:  Region 3 Executive Committee

Fr:  Lea Brothers, 1998 Region 3 GOLD Representative

Sb:  GOLD Report

Dt:  January 13, 1998

The Alabama Section GOLD Committee won the Outstanding GOLD Program Award for

1997!! Yea, Alabama GOLD!   We are so excited about it.  Alabama put forth a

great deal of effort in GOLD in 1997, including a Membership Drive,  College &

Career Day, Two Technical Tours, and mentoring activities at high school,

college, and career levels.   Details on these activities are highlighted in

the January  issue of "The Institute".

In 1998, Alabama GOLD is planning to tour the Alabama Power Testing Facility in

Shelby County and the Mercedes Plant in Vance, Alabama.  The Mercedes tour will

cost $4.00 per person and GOLD will cover the cost.  In addition to our GOLD

members, we will be inviting students in Electrical Engineering from the

surrounding Universities to join us on these tours.

We plan on treating our Alabama GOLD members to a Barons Baseball Game in the

Spring to celebrate our Outstanding GOLD Program Award.  Thatíll be fun!

I have acquired a list of the Section Chairs and Student Activities persons for

the 43 areas in Region 3.  This information came in a text format that I am

converting to a database for easier administration.   I will be in contact with

these areas to get communication between GOLD Committees flowing and

establishing GOLD Committees where needed.    I think a key element will be

trading ideas that worked and didnít work between the areas.  

The big area of interest seems to be the unveiling of employment opportunities

in the Sectionís area.  Most engineers only recognize the obvious Electrical

Engineering jobs.  The tours are a wonderful way to see engineering

opportunities in various fields.  IEEE doesnít really focus in this area.

Engineers with 15 - 20 years of service with one company have too much to lose

to consider changing jobs. However, with GOLD it is a great topic of interest

with students and employees with 5 - 10 years of service.

Please contact me if you have suggestions or people I should contact.  I can be

reached at 205-982-2343, l.brothers@ieee.org, or lea@bitcrew.com.  I'm looking

forward to working with everyone on the committee in 1998.

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