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Date: Wed, 14 Jan 1998 11:53:52 -0500 (EST)

From: K Reed T 

Subject: Leadership Development Committee Report

To: r3-excom1998@ieee.org

Organization: AOL (http://www.aol.com)

Leadership Development Committee

January 14, 1998

Report to Executive Committee for meeting of January 17/18, 1998

1.  The Committee staffing is developing with an effort to get geographic

dispersion within the Region so that all Areas/Councils have a nearby resource

for leadership training for Section officers.

2.  A training session for Region Committee Chairs has been scheduled for

Friday evening, January 16, 1998 in Savannah just prior to the Executive

Committee meetings.

3.  A commitment has been made to present a Section Officers Leadership

Training session in Jamaica.  A firm date will be set soon.

4.  A Section officers Leadership Training session is proposed to be held in

conjunction with SoutheastCon 98.  Facility space has been requested from the

SoutheastCon 98 General Chair but no confirmation has been received yet.

5.  Area/Council Chairs who desire to have a Section officers training session

within their Area/Council are encouraged to contact this Committee Chair.

K. Reed Thompson, Chair

Leadership Development Committee


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