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Date: Thu, 15 Jan 1998 07:37:29, -0500

From: THGH47A@prodigy.com ( ROBERT S DUGGAN JR)

Subject: SPC Report to ExCom

To: r3-excom1998@ieee.org

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Subject: SPC Report to ExCom

14 January 1998

To:    Reg 3 ExCom

From:  Bob Duggan, SPC Chair

Subj:  Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) Report

The SPC will be meeting 1/17, but here are some of our activities being


In late 1997 the 1998 Region 3 Goals and Objectives were drafted for

approval at the 1/17-18 ExCom meetings.

In 1998 we will also be addressing the 1998 Institute's Strategies for

the Future, and assuring that our Region 3's Strategic Plan (and our

Goals and Objectives) compliment each other.

Our Mentors for most Region 3 Committees will be publicized to provide

advice and assistance to the several committees, and to help assure

greater committee effectiveness.

Last year SPC was asked to revise the Operations Manual.  Vernon Powers

has done an outstanding job in doing this.  We all owe him a strong vote

of thanks.


Robert S. (Bob) Duggan, Jr.



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