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______________________________________________________________________________________________________INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERS, INC.


To: Dale Caston

From: Dennis Hartley

Date: October 22, 1998

Subject: Jamaica Update

It is with deep regret, that I hereby inform you that I have been diagnosed to be unfit to travel at this time. The prognosis from my doctor is that I am quaranteed for ten days, ending October 26, 1998. I also had a meeting scheduled for Miami on Thursday, October 22, with The Jamaica Tourist Board, who will be assisting us, promote JamCon 2K in Lexington. Incidentally, Devon Gayle will attend the meeting on my behalf and of course, his airfare will cost more.

Anyway, let me update you on occurrences in Jamaica. I have finally applied for my senior membership and there are five other members that have begun completing their application. Jamaica Section is now graced with two Life Members and it is expected that other members will be confirmed shortly.

The petition to establish a Communications Society Chapter has been submitted by Courier Service and a Power Engineering Society petition is presently been pursued. Deregulation of Telecommunications Forum October 1 at The Le Meridien Jamaica Pegasus was very successful. Consequently, the relevant Government Minister is encouraging a similar forum, before the end of the year.

There was an Annual General Meeting in July and the new EXCOM is as follows:

Section Chair Stephen Legister

Vice Chair Trenton Heckburn

Secretary Devon Gayle

Treasurer Jonah Chisholm

Membership Dev. Robert Arnold

Bylaws/Awards & Rec Wilfred Roberts

PACE Lenworth Barnett

Public Information Courtnay Currie

Educational Activities Dave Reece

Student Activities Carline Senior

You are aware that this Jackson, Mississippi meeting would have been my final meeting as Area 9 Chair. I am therefore taking this opportunity, to thank you all the members of the Region 3 EXCOM, for their assistance and patience with me, while I was learning the IEEE culture. I have passed on a lot of details to the Jamaica Section and I am confident that we here will benefit from synergies.