From: John Parr []
Sent: Wednesday, January 27, 1999 1:24 PM
Subject: IEEE Region 3, Area 8 report

IEEE Region 3 Area 8 Report Winter 1999

Area 8 continues smoothly into 1999. All sections continue to have about the same level of attendance at meetings as in the recent past.

Evansville-Owensboro Section:

Chairman Paul Kuban reports that the average attendance at meetings is about fifteen. The section has provided financial support for the University of Southern Indiana student branch. The officers of the section are considering the possibility of funding scholarships at the University of Southern Indiana and the University of Evansville. The section has begun an effort to increase the number of members who are recognized as Senior Members of IEEE.

Paducah Sub-section:

Chairman Wayne Priddy reports that the sub-section has not been active during the past year. However, the small group that remains want to keep the subsection in existence and hope to revitalize it. The sub-section will submit the required organizational reports to IEEE.

Lexington Section:

Chairman Donald Bush reports that the Lexington Section has been very active in preparation for Southeastcon. The section has about fifty active members who are participating in the preparations. Don Hill of the Lexington Section will make a separate report on Southeastcon to the Executive Committee.

Louisville Section:

Chairman C. R. Davis reported several activities of the Louisville Section. The Section will sponsor a new student chapter at ITT in Louisville. A Power Society is in the works. A revised program recognize of "friends of IEEE" in the Louisville area is being developed.

An average of thirty members has been attending section meetings.

I want to publicly thank Area 8 Vice Chair, Steven Bryant of Louisville, KY for attending the Fall Executive Committee meeting while I was out of the country. Steven also participated in the Membership Development Committee.

John Parr

Chairman, Area 8

IEEE Region 3