From: Perry Wheless []
Sent: Wednesday, January 27, 1999 9:42 PM
To: David Green
Subject: Educational Activities Report to R3 ExCom 1/99
To:        David Green
      cc:  Region 3 ExCom
From:    Perry Wheless
Subject: Educational Activities report to R3 ExCom 1/99
Dr. Atef Elsherbeni of the Electrical Engineering Department at Ole
Miss joined the committee as Vice-Chair, with primary responsiblity
for the Region 3 Employer Professional Development Award.  Other
committee members at this time include Tom Bellarmine (Florida),
Andrew Hargrove (Virginia), Dan Jackson (Mentor, Virginia), Charles
Lord (North Carolina), Deb Powers (Georgia), Bill Ratcliff (Area 3),
Butch Shadwell (Area 4), John Liegeois (Area 5), Darrell Piatt (Area
6), John Parr (Area 8), and Dennis Hartley (Area 9).  We still need a
member from Area 7,  the South Carolina Council.
The Region 3 Employer Professional Development Award was created in
1998 and nominations were solicited.  EAC is recommending Alabama
Power, A Southern Company, as the  first recipient of this award.  
EAC recently relayed by email to all the Region 3 Sections a call for
volunteers for ABET accreditation reviewer duty.  Program reviewers
from industry are especially in demand, and more Region 3 volunteers
from the industrial sector would be a positive development for us.
A listing of holdings in the Region 3 Lending Library is available on
the Web. From, there is a link to the
"Lending Library."  Funding has been requested to allow the
acquisition of some new library materials in 1999.  Items which could
be used by Sections to provide workshops and short  courses, perhaps
even carrying Continuing Education Units (CEU) credit, will have
priority in this round of new acquisitions.  
Perry Wheless traveled to Atlanta for weekend working meetings with
the Membership Development (MD) Committee in September and December to
facilitate coordination of EAC and MD efforts, particularly in
partnering with employers - an area of considerable overlap of EAC/MD
interests and missions.
One of EAC's Goals and Objectives for 1998 was to encourage Region 3
Sections to have a special, education-oriented meeting (apart from
their regular meetings) once a year. Because local needs vary, the
definition of what constitutes an educational activity was left to the
discretion of the Section.  Two publicity broadcasts about this to the
Region 3 email distribution list only netted two replies, just one of
which was positive.  Because the idea has considerable merit, EAC is
planning to "roll over" this objective onto the 1999 list and try
again!  If you have any suggestions about what this concept needs in
order to gain acceptance at the Section level, please respond directly
to Perry Wheless (