From: J. Patrick Donohoe []
Sent: Thursday, January 28, 1999 9:52 AM
Subject: Regional Student Activities Chair Report / Winter 1999
To:       Region 3 EXCOM
Date:     January 28, 1999
From:     J.. Patrick Donohoe, Region 3 Student Activities Chair
Subject:  Regional Student Activities Chair Report / Winter 1999
     Four separate Student Branch Leadership Training Workshops 
were conducted this fall at schools located throughout Region 3.  
The workshops are a combination of presentation, group interaction 
and discussion.  The locations, host schools and dates of the 1998 
Region 3 Student Branch Leadership Training Workshops were:
Birmingham, Alabama (UAB) - Oct. 31, 1998
Charlottesville, Virginia (University of Virginia) - Nov. 7, 1998
Nashville, Tennessee (Tennessee State University) - Nov. 21, 1998
Orlando, Florida (University of Central Florida) - Nov. 21, 1998
The attendance at the 1998 workshops was similar to that seen in 
previous years.  The number of participants at the four workshops 
ranged from ten to twenty while the number of participating 
schools ranged from two to six .  The cumulative totals for all 
four workshops was 57 participants from 16 schools.  The comments 
from participants received thus far have been overwhelmingly 
positive with many students commenting on the value of obtaining 
so much useful information early in their tenure as an IEEE 
student leader.  
     Southeastcon '99 is just around the corner (March 26-29 in
Lexington, Kentucky).  The host branch at the University of 
Kentucky has been working hard in preparation for a great Region 
3 Student Conference.  Student Branches should start making plans 
to attend Southeastcon ‘99 and participate in student activities 
such as the Student Hardware Competition ("A Grand Tour of 
Kentucky"), the Student Paper Competition, the Student Software
Competition, the Webpage Competition, Branch Chairs Workshop and 
Branch Counselors Workshop. More  information about these 
activities can be found by visiting the Southeastcon ‘99 website 
J. Patrick Donohoe, Ph.D, P.E.
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