Kalpathy B. Sundaram

The Florida Council had the second and last meeting of 1999 in Daytona Beach at the Embry Riddle University campus on November 13, 1999

Al Helfrick of the Daytona Section conducted a laboratory tour of the newly built Engineering Department of the university for the present officers on the same day

The Council elected (for 2000):

Chairman: Kalpathy B. Sundaram

Vice-Chairman: Eric Ackerman

Carolyn Hartigan-Smith and David Smith have volunteered to serve the council as Secretary and Treasurer respectively for one more year

All the other Florida Council officers and Committee chairs and liaison representatives have agreed to serve the council for the year 2000

Most of the 12 Sections of the council were quite active during 1999 and had regular technical and official meetings

9 sections presented their reports for the previous period activities

The Council has planned to conduct officers training for the section officers some time later this year.

The Student Branch of the Embry Riddle University organized a state wide student meeting coinciding the Council meeting on November 13, 1999. Several students participated in the meeting and it was a great success.