Region 3 GOLD Report - January 2000

I am writing this report to express my plans for Region 3 GOLD over the upcoming year. My current plans are focused in 3 areas:

  1. Education of Sections on GOLD.
  2. Representing Region 3 at the RAB GOLD Meeting and on the Professional Development Conference GOLD Subcommittee.
  3. Preparing Joey Duvall to take over as Region 3 GOLD Representative in 2001.

To keep educating section on GOLD, I would like to add a section to the Region 3 Leadership Training Manual. This section would contain information on GOLD as well as a modified version of the slides that I presented at last year’s PDC. I would also like to give a short presentation at the Region 3 presentation at SoutheastCON.

Also, help educate the section leadership on GOLD, I will strongly promote and urge that all sections in Region 3 send a GOLD representative to the PDC in Scottsdale, AZ over Labor Day Weekend. The PDC GOLD Subcommittee is in the progress of pursuing grant funding to support sections to send GOLD members to the PDC. I will again give a presentation on GOLD at the PDC in Scottsdale, AZ. The GOLD program at the PDC is still the best way to get GOLD members involved with local and regional activities.

The Region GOLD Representatives are requested to attend the annual RAB GOLD Meeting. As yet, this meeting has not been scheduled.

This year, I am a chair of the IEEE-USA PDC GOLD Subcommittee. We recently held our first organization meeting in San Antonio, TX. I am tasked with increasing GOLD participation at the conference. To accomplish this task, I am going to need increased support from Region and Sections as well as private enterprise. We are also going to increase international GOLD participation.

Next year, I hope to step down as Region 3 GOLD Representative, so that I can actively pursue other volunteer opportunities. In order to assure a smooth transition, I have selected Joey Duvall as a replacement for me. I feel that she has the ability and the knowledge to take over in this position.

Some other items that I may pursue this year: