SECon 2001

Thursday January 20, 2000

5:30 PM, Ramada, Clemson


1. Publications – Update on getting us in TAG

5/20/99 Action Item Mark to get us in TAG.

1/20/00 In process

2. Treasurer – We will use the Lexington formatted spreadsheet to track our financial data.

1/20/00 Budget looks good to the committee. Nick to e-mail the budget to Jim Howard.

3. Madren Center arrangements

1/20/00 We need the revised proposal from the Madren Center and get required approval and signatures. Also need something from the Ramada for the rooms they have held.

1/20/00 Action Item Nick to get with IEEE and see what needs to be done.

4. Logo and Theme

The committee discussed the need for a logo and theme. We will try to get these by having a contest with both the student section and the section newsletter. $50 to the winner.

7/22/99 Action Item Dr. Gowdy to coordinate with Dr. Komo on the student section. Mark Stokes to get in the next newsletter.

1/20/00 Not Completed

1/20/00 Action Item Lee Stogner to get some examples of logos and themes from past conferences to help with ideas.

5. SECon01 web site

The committee discussed briefly the need for a web site. The intent was to acquire the site from Nashville after they revised the one from Lexington.

7/22/99 Action Item Mark to create a SECon01 announcement "web site under construction" on our web site.

1/20/00 Completed

1/20/00 Action Item Mark to get a link set up from the Nashville web site to our web site.

  1. Student Program
  2. Randy has some students interested in helping organize the hardware competition. We need an organizing meeting for the Student Program portion of the conference.

    1/20/00 Action Item Randy to let Mark and Nick know when the next IEEE student meeting is on campus.

  3. Nashville Booth

Need to acquire a list of things that may need to be done before SECon00 in Nashville such as Call for Papers and Student Competition specifics.

1/20/00 Action Item Nick to find out from Jim Howard what we need for Nashville.

Next meeting time/location is Tuesday, February 8, 2000 @ the Ramada Restaurant. 5:30 PM